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WLKY: Sinkhole closes Louisville Zoo Wednesday

Sinkhole at the Louisville Zoo on March 6 | Courtesy WLKY

A sinkhole has prompted the Louisville Zoo to close on Wednesday. The hole was found in an undeveloped part of the zoo. Officials said no animals were injured and there was no damage to any buildings.

A zoo representative said engineers were on site investigating and that officials would be available at 2 p.m. for an update.

Officials are looking into whether an earthquake in Tennessee that caused the Louisville Mega Cavern to close had anything to do with the sinkhole.

Officials said an earthquake was reported by the United States Geological Survey Tuesday evening, and it was felt in Kentucky.

In a statement, Louisville Mega Cavern Executive Vice President Charles Park, said: “Earthquakes happen. This is a natural event. It is the Louisville Mega Cavern’s standard customary practice to close the cavern in the event of an earthquake. Our mine engineers will be inspecting the cavern out of an abundance of caution for the general public and our tenants.”

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