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Will Smith reveals first look at Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ reboot

There are many live-action Disney reboots in the works and “Aladdin” is one fans are looking forward to the most.

Will Smith is playing the role of the Genie, portrayed by Robin Williams in the first and third movies. Smith shared a first look at the new film by posting the teaser poster on his Instagram, adding that he “Can’t wait for y’all to see Me BLUE!”


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The “Wild Wild West” actor has hinted that his version of the Genie is a “little bit ‘Fresh Prince,’ a little bit ‘Hitch.'”

Despite casting non-white actors for the leads, the film has received criticism over the actress playing Jasmine, Naomi Scott, not being of Arabic descent (her mother is Uganda-born Gujarati Indian), a new white character being added and background extras being “browned up” for scenes.

As well as new characters, the live-action reboot is going to add two new songs.

“Aladdin” will be released in May 2019.


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