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Commentary: Emerging consensus on bail reform in our commonwealth

By Dave Adkisson and Jason Bailey

Kentucky’s skyrocketing incarceration trend lines are bringing worry lines to legislators’ faces in Frankfort. There is, however, a growing consensus and hope among various stakeholder groups, including jailers, the chief justice of the Kentucky …

Neal files bill to amend Kentucky’s hate crime laws

Kentucky State Senator Gerald Neal, D-33 | Courtesy

Kentucky State Sen. Gerald Neal has pre-filed a bill for the 2019 legislative session that would rewrite Kentucky’s hate crime statutes in part to include criminal penalties.

The proposed legislation, BR 357

Commentary: Take a moment to observe Veterans Day

By Sen. Jimmy Higdon

FRANKFORT – The Kentucky State Capitol boasts an impressive collection of public art and memorials.

A large bronze statue of former President Abraham Lincoln stands in the center of the Capitol rotunda. Portraits of state Supreme …

Mayor Fischer and Congressman Yarmuth easily win re-election

Congressman John Yarmuth | Photo via campaign website

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and Congressman John Yarmuth both won their re-election campaigns by wide margins on Tuesday, as the Democratic incumbents were able to win over 60 percent of the vote.…