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Posts published in “Metro Council”

Metro Council To Consider 100 Percent Clean Energy Proposal This Week

Louisville’s Parks and Sustainability Committee is scheduled to consider a resolution to support 100 percent renewable energy city-wide this Thursday, according to Councilwoman Cindi Fowler’s office.

The resolution calls on the Louisville Metro Council to back 100 percent renewable energy …

How to Support or Fight Zoning Changes in Your Community


Have you received notices about proposed zoning changes that you are not happy about and not been sure what to do about them? Or is there a zoning change you want to support? I have been in two zoning

I am a proud member of a union family

Growing up my Dad

worked in manufacturing for a non-union employer. He often held two jobs in order to ensure our basic needs were met, but the financial stress combined with workplace dissatisfaction had a direct impact on the quality …