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Angela Leet Statement on Crime Numbers

Today, mayoral candidate Councilwoman Angela Leet responded to the Fischer Administration’s dishonest claim that “crime is down.”

“This claim is absolutely disingenuous. During Fischer’s first year in office, there were 49 homicides in the county. Last year, there were 108 homicides in the county. This year, we are currently on track to double the number of homicides in Fischer’s first year. So seeing a tiny downtick in a few week’s time is not a victory when all Fischer has managed to do is set a new normal of more than a 100 homicides a year,” said Councilwoman Angela Leet.

“During the Fischer Administration, homicides have doubled, shootings have doubled, and drug overdose deaths have tripled. That is Fischer’s legacy.

“For the 10 years prior to Fischer taking office, U of L Hospital admitted an average of 166 gunshot victims per year. During the Fischer Administration, U of L Hospital has seen an average of over 200 shooting victims, and that average is over 300 for the last 2 years. 1700 people have been admitted to University of Louisville Hospital for gunshot wounds since Fischer took office. That does not even include victims who were not admitted.

“Further, there is good reason that crime is down in the 1st Division. The state was spending $15 million annually incarcerating Beecher Terrace residents, and now most – if not all – of Beecher Terrace has been vacated. The residents of this former crime bed have simply been moved. So, while the 1st Division’s homicide rate is down, we are seeing homicide in other divisions in the outer parts of the county where we used to see very little crime.

“I am disappointed that Fischer is manipulating numbers and denying the reality of drug and gang issues in our neighborhoods. Trying to spin a tale of ‘crime is down’ is just an attempt to hide his failed record.”

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