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Vote Louisville - Everything About The Election

University Of Louisville School Of Music Names New Dean

The University of Louisville has chosen Teresa Reed as the new dean of the School of Music.

Reed is currently a professor and associate dean at the University of Tulsa, where she has taught for over 20 years. She’s also

An Update From MSD’s Tunnel Somewhere Under The Ohio River

Eighteen stories underneath the Ohio River, construction crews are boring a gigantic tunnel to solve Louisville’s sewage woes.

The Metropolitan Sewer District has completed about 10 percent of a 4-mile-long tunnel meant to store excess sewage and stormwater, according to …

WLKY: Machine boring tunnel 18 stories underground for MSD

Courtesy WLKY

A massive machine nicknamed the Bumblebee in honor of Muhammad Ali is boring a four-mile waterway protection tunnel 18 stories underground for a Louisville MSD project.

Officials describe it as the city’s largest infrastructure project. Every day, thousands …

Ford Shifting 550 Jobs To Boost SUV Production In Kentucky

Ford Motor Co. says it will shift 550 jobs to its Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville to boost production of its Expedition and Lincoln Navigator to meet growing demand for its large SUVs.

Ford said Tuesday it will increase Expedition …

NKY Students Register Voters

Juli Russ helps orient other students for their canvass that day.

This weekend northern Kentucky members helped support students in Fort Thomas do voter registration as part of the March For Our Lives movement. 

The students, most of whom attend Highlands

On Tour With Federal Drug Czar, McConnell Touts Opioid Spending

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is touting the $31 million he says he’s brought into Kentucky to fight the opioid epidemic. McConnell spoke at a press conference Monday after giving the White House drug policy head a tour of an …

This Is Your Brain — And This Is Your Brain On Acting

Louisville-based actor Gregory Maupin says there tend to be two main schools of thought for actors when it comes to getting into character.

“‘Outies’ and ‘innies,’ as it were,” Maupin said.

“There are people who deal with the mushy, emotional

Kentucky Hemp Sales Rose $41 Million In 2018

Sales of Kentucky hemp products were up big in 2018, even before the federal government legalized the crop in last year’s farm bill.

According to Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles, hemp sales rose $41 million in 2018, more than three …

Who Gets To Harness The Power Of The Sun In Kentucky?

As coal plants retire and the price of renewable energy gets cheaper, solar power will increasingly energize the country.

So in Kentucky, when you hear words like “net metering” and “distributed generation” it’s easy to miss the big picture in …

Distress Grows For Ohio Valley Farmers As Trade Deals Stall

West Kentucky Farmer Barry Alexander doesn’t have an answer on when the Trump administration will reach a trade deal with China, now a year into tariffs that have hamstrung some Ohio Valley industries.

Alexander is optimistic these continued negotiations will

ACLU Seeks To Block Fetal Heartbeat Measure In Kentucky

Abortion-rights defenders opened a new legal fight against Kentucky on Friday to try to block one of the country’s most restrictive abortion measures, which would mostly ban the procedure once a fetal heartbeat is detected.

Hours after Kentucky’s Republican-dominated legislature …